item: KI’TEER FOROS CHEST PLATE – price:175 ducats 200000cr
item: Primed Bane of Corrupted – price:400 ducats 140000cr
item: Primed Heavy Trauma – price:350 ducats 100000cr
item: Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation – price:400 ducats 140000cr
item: Primed Pressure Point – price:385 ducats 300000cr
item: PRISMA TETRA – price:400 ducats 50000cr
item: KI’TEER SHOULDER PLATES – price:350 ducats 110000cr
item: PYRA SUGATRA – price:100 ducats 200000cr
item: XIPHOS PRISMA SKIN – price:220 ducats 400000cr
item: NEXUS GENE-MASKING KIT – price:200 ducats 300000cr
item: KI’TEER – price:150 ducats 300000cr
item: 3 DAY RESOURCE BOOSTER – price:400 ducats 150000cr
item: SANDS OF INAROS – price:100 ducats 25000cr

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