Hail Tenno!

My name’s [DE]Connor, and I’m here to help cover the upcoming changes to our Focus system.

First order of business: If you have yet to complete The Second Dream, turn back now!


Are they gone yet? Ok cool, let’s do this.

With the release of Plains of Eidolon, players saw an overhaul of operator gameplay known as Focus 2.0. Through our transition to “combat operators”, we entered a new realm of player progression – amps, unbounds and Eidolons, oh my! 

Now, having been out in the wild for over a month, we’ve watched you guys dive head first into the exciting new possibilities offered in the various Focus trees, and listened to your thoughts and suggestions for what could be improved. Hopefully you’re having as much fun with it as we are – but we’re not done yet.

In an update coming soon, we will be launching Focus 2.5. This will include another refund of Focus points for players to redistribute as they please. Lenses will not be refunded this time around.

The biggest systemic change with Focus will address pool capacity costs. Focus points are still collected into five separate trees, but all will now have a shared pool capacity – this means you can upgrade your pool size using the points from any school you wish, which increases the maximum capacity for every school all at once! This effectively slashes overall pool costs to 20% of what they used to be, encouraging players to spend more time upgrading their Focus nodes, making tangible progress through the various trees. This will also enable players to spend points from less prioritized schools in a manner that benefits your school(s) of choice, outside of focusing on waybounds.

A new option to increase pool capacity from your active tree. Upgrading the capacity inside the tree itself will work similarly.

However, we didn’t stop there – to hasten Focus progression even further, we reduced the costs of unlocking nodes across all trees. The table below compares what a 5 rank passive node (like Zenurik’s Energy Pulse) costs before and after these changes:


On average, node costs have been reduced by almost 30%. When combined with the millions of Focus saved on pool capacity, the cost of Focus as a whole will be roughly half of what it is currently.

Focus 2.5 also serves as an opportunity to slightly tweak the powers themselves, with the goal of improving usability while bringing the overall power levels of the five schools closer together. That said, here are the changes we currently have implemented:

-Void Singularity (doubled pull speed)
-Lightning Dash (costs 10 energy per cast)

-Guardian Blast (grants 160 shields at max, up from 100)
-Protective Dash (grants 5s of immunity at max, up from 2s)

-Void Spines (reflects 100% damage at max, up from 25%)
-Stone Skin (adds flat armor, 60 for both warframe and operator at max)

-Void Strike (continues accumulating damage boosts over multiple uses of void mode, each rank adds additional attacks up to a max of 8)
-Blazing Dash (now stuns enemies instead of ragdolling)

Finally, I’d like to give updates on the development status of other anticipated Focus changes. Discussions about Convergence are still ongoing; for the time being, we have an interest in maintaining the mechanic for the change of pacing it can offer, and we will think on it even more once higher priority issues are resolved.

On the topic of Focus acquisition, some of you may also remember the daily cap removal mentioned in a recent devstream – we are still working out how best to implement this change, so it will not be included in this update. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

We will continue to monitor player experiences after these improvements and tweaks – thanks for sticking with us as Warframe continues to evolve!

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