Since Warframe began, our PhysX Particles have not been ‘one size fits all’. They’ve been tied to specific GPUs, never on console, and it’s been a visually delightful but imbalanced experience. The next Mainline update (this May) will see “Nvidia PhysX Effects” become a new, universal & proprietary experience: “GPU Particles”. Read on for the Why, How, and When!

The latest version of PhysX (the physics framework that Warframe uses to simulate the world) is dropping support for the physics particle simulation feature. So in order to be able to take advantage of the many performance and stability improvements that Nvidia has made to PhysX over recent years, we’re making a new particle system solution ourselves! This new GPU Particle system will be less RAM intensive, work on all Platforms, AND be completely optional!

We are converting the main PhysX items to our new GPU Particle system. We’ll have many particle FX converted at launch, but will spend some time continuing to upgrade our catalog throughout the year. Our new system is universal, works on almost all GPUs (really old ones might be out of luck), is not locked to a given manufacturer, and is not locked to PC!

We expect to have Mainline with GPU Particles on PC mid-May! Consoles can expect GPU Particles soon after PC.

Bonus: What?
Now I’m sure you’re wondering how all of this will look! Here are our new GPU Particles in action.

A particle burst from our tests in April. You can see them interact with the environment as they hit the floor:giphy.gif

Added more features earlier this month! GPU Particles respond to game physics and gravity

More refined particle physics: GPU Particles respond to explosions and collisions

Beautiful visuals. All platforms. This month! This is shaping up to be a particle-arly lovely update 😉 Thanks for playing Warframe!

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