Hi, All!

We’re going to cover the Ability refresh of two of Warframe’s most elegant gals: Nyx and Titania!

Nyx, wielding the power of Psychic energy, makes CC and defense her specialty. We’re going to add a flavour of ‘debuff’ to that to increase the roles she can play in a mission.

Titania has CC and Offense with a pile of Auras she can maintain to stack buffs and debuffs. Our plans with Titania come down to making all of that a little less of a hassle to pull off.

As far as usage stats go – Nyx (when combined with Nyx Prime) and Titania hover just above bottom 10 on average for our playerbase. They certainly have a niche and those who know their Abilities well know how big an impact they can have on missions. We hope those who already love Nyx or Titania keep the love alive, and those who wrote them off take a second look!



Nyx is one of our earliest released Warframes, making her appearance in the Closed Beta version of Warframe! Since that was more than 5 years ago, we are taking the time with this rework to also completely re-do her audio as well. Still rooted in what we know, we’ll be updating her sound library to 2018 standards. Your ears are in for a treat!

Now, onto the powers.

New Passive: Enemies can’t seem to truly target Nyx and all receive an accuracy debuff against her.

Nyx is receiving a new passive overall, the random disarm was on-theme, but feedback over time has always slanted toward ‘new passive, please!’.

Mind Control:

Nyx picks a single target within Range and brings them to the Tenno side for a given Duration. The problem this had was the target never really felt… powerful.  

Nyx still picks a single target within Range and brings them to the Tenno side for a given Duration – but now she can multiply the damage output of that enemy by her own hand!!

The target will have a 4-second wind up period to absorb your weapon damage which is on a multiplier to enhance its OUTPUT damage. For example only (numbers not final): every 2500 damage = 1.5x damage output of the target
We’ve also included better ‘follow Nyx’ behaviour to have the target stay with her.  

This feels really engaging in practice and adds just a bit more activity to your Nyx play – your targets become more valuable and you get to focus on weapon gameplay in the 4 second window to really pump them up! A Nyx should always choose their victim wisely.

Psychic Bolts:

Nyx launches a cluster of force bolts at enemies, using telekinesis to adjust flight paths and seek nearby targets.
The Number of Bolts and Damage dealt, including a Radiation Status chance made up the entirety of this power.t wasn’t unique enough and on its own, it didn’t offer enough in high level missions.

This is no longer a flat damage ability, but it is now a debuff. All enemies hit lose a % of defenses (values for Shield/Armor have 20/40/60/80% of defenses removed) for a short duration (5/7/9/11 seconds), making them easier to kill / kill each other when combined with Chaos! Infested will receive a slowing behaviour (not on the same % curve as defenses, still tweaking) + deactivation of Ancient’s auras.
We will be doing a presentation clean up as well for more of a ‘Psychic’ feel in the Telekinesis.


Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that collected energy into an explosive radial discharge that deals Magnetic damage. Magnetic Damage doesn’t always perform well, and a single damage type doesn’t really feel like an ‘Absorb’.

Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that collected energy into an explosive radial discharge – but now we’ve made the damage type output dynamic based on incoming damage types. If it is fed in, it feeds out!

Absorb is a very unique power – when Augmented it allows for a completely different kind of play. Alone, Absorb gives Nyx immortality in a pinch and can CC with knockdown, but now we’ve just added another edge in giving it dynamic Damage.        



Titania joined us in 2016 as a part of ‘The Silver Grove’ quest, and her playful fey and nature inspirations have always been the root of her enchantment-like control and destruction. We’re just making those thing a little stronger!


Tribute had to be cast multiple times on multiple enemy types to build up 4 unique Auras on Titania. The problem here was… too much casting.

Simply getting 1 type of Tribute will be enough to have its maximum power. You can continue to acquire tributes to refresh the Duration, but you no longer need to build them up.

As for the 4 Tribute types:
Dust – keep as-is:it reduces enemy accuracy by 50%!

Thorns – increase to 50% of damage reflected back to the attacker!

Entangle – keep as-is: one Entangle tribute slows an enemy by 25%!

Fullmoon – the 75% damage buff now applies to ALL (Sentinels, Moas, Companions)  + Razorwing Butterflies!



Lantern was a single-target ability that could result in wildly bouncing enemies making it hard to achieve the core function of attracting witless enemies.  

Lantern can now be cast on up to 4 targets with better ‘tethered’ victims. You will be able to ‘explode’ all targets by holding the Lantern cast.


A lot of bonking to pick up loot.

Razorwing will simply receive a Vacuum to make acquiring loot, energy, etc easier. Remember – less of a hassle!


These changes have felt pretty great in early testing, but of course are subject to change. If you’ve been watching our streams you may know most of this already, but we wanted to write it out for everyone to check out! Stay tuned to Fortuna: Part II notes for full information on Nyx and Titania!

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