Chains of Harrow is live!!


We’re still here and still working on deploying tonight – we’ll update this thread again in at least 2 hours.



We’re working out an unexpected and sudden issue with asset cache that puts us behind schedule a bit.

Still aiming for tonight as we work through these issues – we’ll update this thread again in a hour!



The rap, tap, tap continues to echo through the studio and the time has come for the traditional: DEPLOY STATUS THREAD!

Dimly lit hallways echo the cries of Rell… of Harrow…

Right now you’re reading this thread because you want to know: WHEN!

We are still geared up to deploy this tonight – each build takes at least 1 hour to properly test for Quest progression. We do not have a Release Candidate yet.

Stay tuned for at least 2 hours for us to give you a better timeframe – we’re close, but still need hours!

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