Rebecca and Megan are back to showcase another recent Warframe rework!

Tonight they’ll be turning friends into Rubble with a punching-only Atlas Conclave battle! Think you have what it takes to Landslide your way to victory? Strip that Atlas of his Conclave Mods (but keep the fashion of course) and post your alias in this Forum thread for a chance to get picked for the rumble!

ALSO, we’ve mixed up the way we showcase Fan Art so that YOU can benefit from these amazing weekly pieces! Each Prime Time there will be a 30 minute Twitch Drop for a free Display, and each episode we will showcase a Fan Art piece that will be added in the in-game Codex for your decorating pleasure!

PLUS, don’t miss your chance at a Mirage Prime Access giveaway for a lucky viewer!

See you here tonight, February 22nd at 7 p.m. ET. Check your time zones here.

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